Who Am I?

“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.”

bertrand russell

Hello there!

my name is Houra Yousefi.

I’ve been living in south korea since 2012, and I’m a highschool student attending Songam international trade highschool (성암국제무역고등학교) at the moment.

I AM A CRAZY BOOKWORM and so obsessed with books that it kind of motivated me to make this blog *taddaa*.

I’m planning to share my thoughts about books but my main GOAL is to share my stories about how it’s like to go to a Korean highschool and live in Korea.

Back to myself now, I’m a native Persian speaker but I learnt English by myself at the age of 10 and I could easily communicate with others(yes I knew it sounds unbelievable to some people but nothing is impossible and I’m might even post about how I studied English by myself). I spent my elementary school years in a Korean elementary school (광희초들학교) which were some of the best years of my life.

Going to a korean elementary school gave me the opportunity to learn Korean and learn about their culture, which was amazing.

Here, I will try to share all of my experiences in Korea and tips, and lastly I’d like to THANK YOU for following my blog this means everything to me!

with love


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